About Umbilical:


Umbilicals International designs and manufactures umbilical diving, ROV, umbilical control (EH) and cables are designed according to customer needs.

Product line:

  • Umbilicals for diving bell.
  • Electro-hydraulic umbilicals control.
  • Tethers and armed ROV umbilical.
  • Cables for oceanographic tow equipment.
  • Cables for subsea installations.
  • Cables preventers.
  • Cables to monitor raiser.
  • Military Cables.
  • Special cables.

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Oil and gas:

  • Exploration Geophysics
  • Drilling
  • Oilfield developments
  • Installation repair and maintenance


  • Anti submarine fighting
  • Control of mines
  • Acoustic and magnetic equipment
  • Anti-terrorism and security installations
  • Oceanography and environment
  • Offshore and underwater inspections
  • Environmental monitoring

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