About 3M Resins: 
  • The electrical insulating resin 2131 3M Scotchcast is epoxy reactive and consists of two parts encapsulated in a bag. It can be mixed within their own unique design packaging (UnipakMR). Curing occurs spontaneously exothermic given its capacity. It is compatible with the materials commonly used in the production of cable insulations and jackets so it is excellent as an insulator and / or sealant on cable joints. Once cured, it has excellent flexibility. ScotchcastMR electrical insulating resin 2131 is flame retardant. It is recommended as insulation material for conductors up to 1000V and operating with a constant temperature of 90 ° C (a maximum of 130 ° C). It has the following characteristics: Excellent electrical and physical properties. Flame retardant.

The electrical insulating resin Scotchcast 2131 MR is recommended to replace or repair cable jackets or multi-mono, when flexibility is required. For insulation between conductors operating up to 1000 volts and a seal of multipurpose trifurcation.


  • ROV
  • Diving
  • Survey
  • Geotechnical
  • Investigation
  • Oceanography
  • Hydropower

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