Joining forces to achieve growth

MEYAH ICH HA is a word of Mayan origin, civilization that dwelt in Mexico 4000 B.C. and bequeathed extensive knowledge to our culture, its meaning is composed of three words:

MEYAH: Work          ICH: Within             HA: Water


MEYAH ICH HA is a Mexican company, providing services of the highest quality with remotely operated vehicles. Focused primarily in conducting underwater visual inspections in the oil industry as well as gas, power plants such as nuclear and hydroelectric, civil infrastructure, research, maritime safety, search and rescue, aquaculture, potable water tanks, etc.


MEYAH ICH HA is located on the coast of Veracruz; Mexico since October 2011. We have the capability and equipment to mobilize anywhere in Latin America.

It is our mission to be the first Mexican company of Remotely Operated Vehicles for observation, to continue growing and become leaders in this market in which we participate.



Provide efficient inspection services with ROV and industrial diving jobs.


We are a Mexican company focused on the simultaneous work of ROV and Industrial Diving, being the best option for the submarine industry of the country and South America for cost, benefit and innovation.


  • Professionals
  • Security and environment
  • Teamwork Innovators


we offer visual inspection services with ROV and industrial diving jobs for companies in the energy sector and underwater research. We are committed to providing services that meet the requirements of our customers, through cutting-edge equipment, constant training of our collaborators, and continuously improving our processes supported by the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.